Earn rental income and add value to your property.

There is a huge demand for rental suites in the Comox Valley, and Mackenzie Gartside & Associates is teaming up with Goldfinch Design to help you build a mortgage helper. Goldfinch is located in the Comox Valley and specializes in affordable and customizable kits for studios, cabins, and small homes.

2 bedroom home kit rendering

Earn more than you spend

Qualify for an extra $80,000 to $100,000 on your mortgage and you can build a 2-bedroom home on your property. Your mortgage payments will increase by $400 to $500 per month but your rental income would be $750 to $1200 per month! Also, your property value will increase dramatically.

Studio rendering

Ever wanted a yoga studio or an office in your garden?

Or maybe a detached guest room? Research shows that adding a quality outbuilding to your property increases your property value as much as adding an extra room to your house.

For example, for less than $15,000, you can have a modern, high-quality and insulated 10’ x 16’ studio which would add approx only $90 to your monthly mortgage payment.

Goldfinch bird logo

Affordable, quality and easy to build

Goldfinch homes are designed so you can build them yourself, hire Goldfinch or use your preferred contractor. 

• Customizable layouts and finishes
• West-coast modern designs
• All the materials labeled and pre-cut with step-by-step instructions
• As much or as little help as you need

Find out what you can build on your lot!

Goldfinch Small Home Design is happy to help with any questions you might have. They offer a complete range of design and building services to help you with every step in your project.

Get in touch with them today to discuss your project ideas. They'll help you figure out what you are allowed to build on your property with regard to your local zoning bylaws. And with Goldfinch you won't get a sales pitch, just honest and helpful advice!