Shopping for your new home is easier with the piece of mind provided by a mortgage pre-approval.

During the pre-approval consultation, we’ll review your credit history, income, assets and debts to determine how much mortgage you can afford – which will determine your maximum purchase price.  This way you can begin shopping with confidence that you’re looking at properties you can afford, and not setting yourself up for disappointment.

Pre-approval also helps protect you from rate increases while you are house-hunting.  When we know you’re looking to purchase, we’ll help ensure you get the absolute best interest rate for your purchase using tools like mortgage rate holds or special ‘quick close’ offers.

It is always wise to include a “subject to financing” clause in your real estate offer, to protect yourself against unforeseen issues with the property (which must be approved by the lender) or changes to your finances or credit score between your pre-approval and the time of purchase.

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