When you receive the Mortgage Documents Request email from your mortgage consultant, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find an “Upload Documents” button. This will take you to a website that allows you to quickly and securely upload documents directly to our system.

You can open this page on a smartphone or computer, but the behaviour is a bit different on each and the best choice depends on whether you have paper documents or PDF (digital) files to send in.

If you have paper documents, use a smartphone or tablet so the system can open the camera app and have you capture each page.

If you have PDFs or other digital documents to send, it’s usually easier to use a computer for fast drag’n’drop uploading.

I Have Paper Documents

For any paper documents, use your smartphone or tablet to access the Upload Documents page. On these devices, when you click the “Select files…” button the system will allow you to choose your Camera app and take a photo of a paper page.

When you take a photo, make sure of the following:

  1. Your camera resolution (picture quality) is on the highest setting
  2. Your camera FLASH is TURNED ON
  3. The paper page is laid flat on a table or desk (if the page was folded or wrinkled, please try to flatten it out or use some items placed on the outer corners to hold it flat – being sure not to cover any of the document text).
  4. Hold your camera about 24″ (2 feet) above the document, ensuring all 4 corners are clearly visible in the photo.
  5. If your phone or hand casts a shadow on the paper, move your phone slightly closer to you so it isn’t casting a shadow on the page, then slightly adjust the photo angle to capture the full page (all 4 corners).

Multiple Page Documents

If you document has multiple pages, please send all pages EVEN IF THEY DON’T SEEM TO HAVE IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Repeat the step-by-step instructions below for each page of the document, beginning with Page 1 and proceeding in order through the document to the last page.

Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots

When you press the Upload Documents button in the email on your smartphone, you’ll be taken into your web browser app. Read the intro text, and then begin by scrolling down to the bottom of the first document request section.

Begin by scrolling down to the bottom of the first document request.

At the bottom of the document description, you will find a “Select files…” button. Press this button.

Press the “Select files…” button

Your device will give you the option of selecting your Camera app or opening a File browser app. Select the Camera app and take a photo of the page.

Choose the Camera app for your device, and take a photo of the page.

Make sure you follow the tips above about your camera settings and ensuring the full page is visible in the photo, etc. Then press the Shutter button to take the photo.

Depending on your phone (iPhone, Android), you may be asked to confirm the photo – check that it is clear, not shadowed and all 4 corners are visible in the photo, then press OK to continue.

Your phone will return to the Client Portal page and the photo will be uploaded. When the upload is complete, you will see a filename and image size indicated under the Select files button, and an icon in the “Currently uploaded pages” section confirming 1 page has been uploaded.

Multiple Pages?

If the document has multiple pages, just press the “Select files…” button again and repeat the process for each page of the document in order from page 1 through to the last page.

I Have PDF Documents or Other Digital Files

If you have PDFs or other digital documents to send us, you can use your smartphone, tablet or computer. Typically, using your computer is easiest.

First, ensure you have downloaded and saved the digital files to a folder on your system where you can easily find them.

Next, open the Mortgage Documents Request email on your computer and click the “Upload Documents” button.

Your default web browser will open and show the upload portal. Read the intro text and then scroll down to the bottom of the first document request section.

Next, either:

  1. open your file browser, browse to the right folder and select your file, then drag/drop it directly into the highlighted area shown in the screenshot below, or
  2. click the “Select files…” button to open a system file browser and then choose the file(s) for upload.
Drag and drop files directly into the highlighted area above, or click the “Select files…” button to open a system file browser to choose the files.

Multiple files

If you have multiple files to upload for a single document request (i.e. 3 bank statement files for the down payment condition), you can select and upload multiple files in a single action, or do each file separately.