AuthentiSign is our electronic document delivery and signing system. If you choose to receive your documents this way, the system will start by sending you an email with the subject “Signing Required”invite screenshot

Inside this email you will find a description of the document you’re signing. Please read this carefully. Then click the image of the pen to open AuthentiSign in your web browser and begin the signing process

invite screenshot

The first thing AuthentiSign will have you do is create an electronic signature.  You can draw your own if you are using a touchscreen device (like a tablet or smartphone), or just click the Select Font Style button to pick an acceptable font and type your name and initials.

create signature screenshot

After your signature and initials are created, you will be shown the full document.  Please scroll through the document to read it in full.  Then click the Start button in the top right corner of the screen to begin the signing process.

start screenshot

The system will automatically jump to each field that requires your initials, signatures or other input (checkboxes, etc).

initial screenshot

At the top of the screen, it shows your progress for filling in all required fields. Once you have completed all mandatory fields and are 100% complete, the Complete button becomes available to click.  Press Complete to finish.

complete screenshot

The system will ask if you’d like to create a password for future access. You do not have to create a password – just press the “No Thanks” button.

create password screenshot

You will know the process is complete when you reach the Completion screen that shows your signing ID.

confirmation screen screenshot

When all signers have completed the signing process, you will receive an email from the system telling you the document is complete. This email also contains a link that lets you view and print the final documents (with all signatures) for your records.

confirmation email screenshot