Please use our secure file upload portal to send us your digital files. This ensures your files are

  1. sent securely (encrypted) and,
  2. allows you to send us files of any size (not hindered by email system restrictions).

Portal access is password protected, so please contact us if you have not already been provided with the password.

Please rename your files before uploading, so the filename includes your name and indicates the type of document. For example:
“John Smith – Feb Bank Statement.pdf”
This helps us make sure your uploaded file is assigned to the right team member and reviewed quickly.

If this is your first time uploading documents to our portal, please read the Uploading Instructions first.


Our secure portal is powered by, a Canadian company that offers complete data privacy and security compliance with Canadian legislation. Files uploaded through the portal will be fully encrypted and only stored on Canadian servers.

Upload Instructions

Please begin by renaming your digital files so they begin with your name and describe the content (firstname-lastname_description). On a Windows computer, select the file, then right click and choose “Rename” from the dropdown list. Modify the name and press Enter to complete.  After all files are renamed appropriately, proceed with the steps below.

Press the UPLOAD FILES button above to open a new browser tab showing our upload page on the system.  You will start by entering the password provided to you by our team. This password just allows access to the upload portal, and simply prevents spam and unauthorized uploading to the portal. It does not allow public access to any documents that have been uploaded by any clients. Only our team can access any of the files uploaded through the portal.

Enter password and press Submit

Next, Click on the Upload Files button to the right side of the page

Then Drag/Drop the files you want to upload into the upload window that appears, or click the “Choose files +” button to open a File Explorer browser.

As the files upload, you will see a progress bar moving left to right underneath the file names and a arrow/circle icon beside the file names.

Wait until the uploads are complete and the circle/arrow icons change to a checkmark indicating the upload is complete.

When all your files have a checkmark beside the file names, click the Close button at the bottom right of the upload window. You can then Close the browser window.