The instructions below cover downloading monthly eStatements, generating transaction histories for custom date ranges, and printing/downloading a Void Cheque.

Begin by logging into your Scotiabank online banking at

Once you are logged in, you should be on the ACCOUNT SUMMARY page showing a list of your accounts.

From the Account Summary screen, open the desired bank account

Locate the account for which you’ve been asked to send the transaction history, and click it to open the Account Details page showing the Account Activity sub tab.


If your online banking is set up to allow you access to e-statements, you can download these for complete monthly histories. These are particularly useful because they also show your full name and account details to confirm you are the owner of the bank account.

To download monthly statements in PDF format, click the Documents sub tab.

Opening the Documents tab

On the Documents page, select the desired month.

Downloading e-Statements

A separate popup window will appear containing the monthly statement, which you can then download and/or print. Close the popup window and repeat this step for each additional monthly statement required.

Enabling E-Statements

If you are set up to receive paper statements only, you will not be able to access the e-statements as described above. You can change your account settings temporarily to allow e-statement access by clicking the Manage My Accounts link in the top right corner of the website, then selecting the Document Delivery tab.

Changing to Paperless document delivery

For each account that you need e-statements, change the Delivery dropdown to Paperless. Press the Continue button at the bottom of the account list to save your changes, then follow the steps above to download the e-statements you need. After you have downloaded all the e-statements, you can go back to your Document Delivery settings and change back to Paper if you wish.

Custom Date Ranges

If your mortgage consultant has asked you to send in a date range that spans partial months (for example, March 10th to June 12th, you can use the Custom Search feature from the Account Activity sub tab.

Custom Date Range search

Be sure the correct bank account is selected from the drowdown at the top of the page, and then click the Show Account Number and Details link to ensure your full bank account information is showing on the page.

In the Your Transactions section, click the Custom Search link and enter the Date Range from and to dates as requested by your mortgage consultant. Press the Search button to load the transactions in the date range.

When the transactions have loaded, press the Print button on the Scotiabank website located in the group of icons to the left of the Communications Centre sidebar area.

Print Button on Scotiabank website

This will open a print dialog box where you can choose to either print to paper or if your browser allows, Save as PDF.

Void Cheque

If your mortgage consultant has asked for a Void Cheque or proof of account ownership, click on the Direct Deposits & Payments sub tab.

Generating a VOID cheque

This will open a new webpage where you can choose to generate a Void cheque. Ensure the right account is selected in the dropdown and then press the View/Print link in the Void Cheque row underneath.

Use the View/Print link to create your Void cheque

For secure and direct uploads, you can use our File Uploads portal to upload your PDFs directly to our server. The page is password protected, so please ask your mortgage consultant for the access instructions.