The instructions below cover downloading your Wealthsimple monthly eStatements.

Begin by logging into your Wealthsimple online account at

Once you are logged in, you should be on the PORTFOLIO overview page.

From the Portfolio screen, open the My documents page

Click your name (top right) to open the menu, and then click My documents.

Monthly Statements

When the My documents page opens, you will want to use the Quick filters (left side menu) and click the Performance Statements. Alternatively, open the Document type section and select the Performance statements.

Filter for the Performance statements

Once the filter is applied, you will see your available statements grouped by month. However, sometimes you will see a small “Additional Versions” submenu. If so, click this to expand and see all your accounts.

For Statements with no additional versions, use the Open button. This will open a new browser tab and show you the generated statement.

For rows that show “Additional Versions”, click this dropdown and use the Download PDF links to get each account statement.

Sending us your documents

If you were able to save all your documents as PDFs, you can use our File Uploads portal to upload your PDFs directly to our server quickly and securely. The uploads portal page is password protected, so please ask your mortgage consultant for the access instructions.

Also, please ensure you have included your first and last name in the filenames for files you are uploading so our admin team can properly assign them to your mortgage consultant for review.

For example, JohnSmith-WEALTHSIMPLE-RRSP-July2023.pdf