Merix is one of our favourite ‘mono-line’ lenders, which means they are a company that only does mortgages and they work exclusively through mortgage brokers.  By keeping their overhead low, they are consistently able to offer great mortgage rates for both new clients and on renewals.  They also allow us to continue assisting you with your mortgage servicing, so you can call or email us directly and we can help you make changes to your mortgage payments or request your mortgage information, etc.



Whether you’re shopping for a new mortgage, refinancing or looking to switch your current mortgage, MERIX Financial has a solution to fit your specific need. Canadian owned, MERIX Financial specializes in residential mortgages, servicing mortgages across Canada. MERIX Financial prides itself on exceptional customer service, investing in technology, product development and people in order to provide the best possible customer experience.

We like MERIX Financial as a lender because they consistently offer good rates for both new customers and for current customers at renewal.  They also make it very easy for us to assist our customers with servicing their mortgages after the deal completes, so our customers can call or email us directly to do things like change payment amounts, make lump sum payments, or ask for current balances.

You can find their website at // or use the link below to jump directly to their current customers page for direct access to form for change bank accounts for payment withdrawal, changing payments, etc.