RMG Mortgages is another ‘mono line’ lender that provides great rates through keeping their overhead low.  They only provide mortgages and they work through mortgage brokers.

In addition to their regular ‘full feature’ mortgage products, RMG offers a line of products called “Low Rate Basic” which offer exceptionally discounted rates but reduced flexibility for porting and higher fees for cancelling early.  These products aren’t for everyone, but can be a really good fit for some clients who do not expect to be moving to a new property within the contract term.

If your mortgage is with RMG, you can access your mortgage information through their Customer Portal Website – //rmgmortgages.ca/customers/myrmg-customer-portal



RMG is a SMART mortgage choice. Our customers enjoy the flexibility of 1-5 year term residential mortgages with fixed or variable rates. A mortgage broker can help find a product that best fits your needs.

We recognize that everyone’s situation can be different, which is why we have a variety of different mortgage products.

One of our more popular mortgages offers homeowners the option to forgo some features in exchange for a low rate. Ideal customers for this product are first-time home buyers who want a low 5-year fixed rate mortgage with plans to stay in the home for the term.

All of our products let you (the mortgage holder) decide what payment frequency works best for you (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly). Our mortgages also allow Lump Sum Payments. This means, you can pay up to an additional 20% of the original principal amount on top of your regularly scheduled payments during each anniversary year of the mortgage without penalty or administration fee.

RMG mortgages support most Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Canada Guaranty and Genworth Canada programs to ensure the accessibility of mortgages for Canadian consumers.