Don’t sign your renewal agreement without talking to us first!  More than 70% of Canadians do not take advantage of their strength as a renewing borrower by using a mortgage broker’s services at renewal time.   Many Canadians are blindly accepting the posted rate their bank offers them at renewal without doing any research.

As a mortgage renewer, you are in a great position – your original mortgage principal has dropped, and your home’s value has likely  increased. Lenders see renewers as lower risk borrowers, and you should be getting the best rates available.

Let the lenders compete for your business to be sure you get the best mortgage possible. Mackenzie Gartside & Associates can do that for you, and even guarantee future interest rates up to 120 days before your renewal date.  We arrange most residential renewals at no cost to the borrower, so there is nothing to lose and your money to be saved.

Let me help guide you through this process – just Contact Us for more information.