You want to buy wealth-generating properties? We’re experts in financing rentals and investments and have financing options that are typically much more advantageous than the banks.

20% Down Rental Property

With the new mortgage rules that came into place in the spring of 2010, mortgage financing is available up to 80% on all approved rental properties. Rental income can also be used to help you qualify for your rental property, with calculations varying among lenders.  Insurance premiums (CMHC, Genworth, AIG) typically do not apply to these mortgages, but in certain circumstances they may be required.

Most lenders will lend on properties with up to 4 units (fourplexes).  Financing for low-rise condos or stacked town homes are not approved by all lenders. Properties with past “leaky condo” problems are generally problematic to finance, so be aware when shopping for your rental property.

Being an informed landlord is critical to the success of operating rental properties. The Residential Tenancy Act of BC governs residential tenancies, including landlord obligations. Please review the Guide to Residential Tenancy in BC, and print a copy for your renter as well.


Rental agreement forms are also available as well as other forms for rent increases, tenancy termination etc.//

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